The customers’ interest in more sustainability is omnipresent. We see a close correlation between long-term sustainable investment returns and solving the world’s social and environmental challenges. Attributes such as “sustainable”, “green” or “ESG” can appeal to investors for which sustainability characteristics are a key criterion for investment decisions. ESG: Stands for environment (e.g. energy consumption, water consumption), social (e.g. attractiveness of employer, management of supply chains) and governance (e.g. remuneration policy, corporate governance).

The impact on the environment is the main reason why investors are interested in sustainable investments. Compared to previous years, however, social aspects have gained in importance as a reason for investment. As far as investors’ specific sustainability goals are concerned, education is considered the most important worldwide. Interestingly, “achieving returns” only ranks third on the priority list. More than half of investors across all self-defined skill levels said that being able to choose investments that align with their personal sustainability preferences would encourage them to increase their allocation to sustainable investing. (see “Schroders Global Investor Study 2022”)

As part of the appropriateness and suitability assessment, we find out the ESG preferences of our clients and inform them about the ESG risks and characteristics associated with financial instruments and financial services. Our relationship managers are highly trained to enable clients to understand relevant ESG characteristics and, based on this, to bear the risks associated with ESG investment solutions. In the context of asset management and portfolio-based investment advice, we are committed to seamlessly integrating the collection of ESG preferences into the collection of investment objectives.

independent by choice, transparent by design. independent by choice, transparent by design. independent by choice, transparent by design. independent by choice, transparent by design