Financial Advisory


We advise you on your portfolio of investments with absolute independence in order to avoid conflicts of interest. We select the best financial instruments available to you via our international network of analysts, whilst rigorously applying our policy of open architecture. We aim to offer you tailor made solutions present only at the forefront of the finance industry.

Asset Advisory Services

Our process


Investment Policy

Defining your investment policy is essential as a guide for our portfolio management team. The more information that is collected, the better the quality of the investment policy. The policy is key to ensuring that the asset allocation meets with the clients requirements and expectations.


Defining the Strategy

We define the investment strategy according to the clients investment profile with a view to establishing the necessary limits required in the long term. As there will always be short term oscillations within the markets, we will make temporary tactical adjustments to account for these circumstances.


Construction and Implementation

The application of the investment strategy is the responsibility of our Asset Allocation Committee. The Asset Allocation Committee determines our investment universe and is responsible for the application of the investment strategy. Our financial advisory team uses these universe in order to select the assets which comply with the investment strategy defined by each client. We work closely with the custodian banks, asset managers and market analysts to secure diverse and contrasting sources of information.


Analysis and Risk Control

Regular discussions with clients and the review of performance analysis assist our asset managers in perfecting the asset allocation and align our decisionmaking with the interests of our clients. As the financial markets are constantly changing, regular meetings with clients allow us to identify opportunities and thus adjust our strategy in the short, medium, and long term.

Multifamily Office

Our contribution to the client is not limited to the advise on their investments. A comprehensive asset management is broader and includes an analysis and assessment of possible alternatives in the following essential fields of our activity:

  • Control
  • Consolidation & Reporting
  • Tax Optimization
  • Structuring
  • Geographic Diversification
  • Family Protocol
  • Succesion
Multifamily Office

Helping our clients to transcend their legacy is our greatest pride.

Our team has accumulated a great deal of experience advising international families and businesses in relation to these essential elements of wealth management. This experience together with our broad network of external lawyers, auditors and specialists allow us to handle and successfully manage situations of enormous complexity.

Multifamily Office